Questions & Answers

Bolos Detailing is a professional auto detailing workshop that offers assistance to drivers in and around Dahlonega, GA. On this page, I have taken the time to answer some of my most frequently asked questions. Take a minute to read the answers and if you cannot find your questions, feel free to call me. I will be happy to hear from you!

Q: What is car detailing?

A: Detailing stands for thoroughly cleaning your vehicle’s interior and exterior to remove tough stains, swirls, dirt contaminants, oxidation, rust, scratches, and other impurities; detailing provides a completely new look to cars.

Q: Can you provide a car detailing service according to my budget?

A: Of course I can. When you call me, I will ask you a few questions regarding your wishes and needs and will try to suggest a solution that will best fit them. Then we can discuss your budget, and I can make the necessary alterations to create a package that fits. If you have a limited amount of money that you can spend on car maintenance and wish not to exceed it, let me know in advance so I can give you a quote.

Q: Before I use your interior car detailing service, should I remove my belongings?

A: Yes. Please remove your items in areas in which I am going to work so it will be easier for me to get my job done and also do the work in the timeliest manner.

Q: Automatic washes seem better and faster. Why not go for that?

A: Automatic wash is rough on the paint job. It will take away all the polish and leave your paint unprotected and looking quite dull. Furthermore, an automatic wash service is also a less thorough the method compared to hand wash and professional car detailing.

Q: How long it will take before I have to get my vehicle detailed again?

A: How much time the results last depend on how you maintain your ride after detailing. You need to make sure you are using proper tools and techniques for future washes, so the paint does not get damaged again. The protection I use will last depending on what kind of environment your car is exposed to and how many times you clean it. Usually, I recommend clients get their vehicles detailed at least twice a year.

Q: What damage does an auto detailing service not fix?

A: Detailing involves protecting your vehicle’s surfaces from impure components, and giving them a new look. It will not be able to fix damage like deep scratches, dents, torn areas, and other things that require more thorough repairs. However, Bolos Detailing in Dahlonega, GA might be able to help you deal with swirls, screen scratches, wheel imperfections, and more.

Q: How long does the car detailing service take?

A: Few hours to a day depending on the services required, but count on me having your ride for a full day in most instances.

Q: How do I book an appointment with you?

A: You can book using the contact form on this website, send me an email, text my phone, or call me. I will be happy to hear from you whichever way you choose.

Want to learn more about my work? Want to ask a question that has not been listed on this page? Whatever it is, I am here for you! My phone number is (706) 457-5304. Call me at any time.